Studio Area

Classical Ballet, Dance Studio next to Motohasunuma-station, Itabashi-ku [Studio Aria]
Instructors from the Pushkin State Russian Memorial Academy Of Opera Ballet Theatre , internationally succeeded dancers and instructors will coach you properly.

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We will coach students from beginner level to advanced level

We provide a lesson for beginners, used to take ballet lessons when you were kids but wants to start again, children, adults, and also for freelance dancers. This is a place for anyone to enjoy dancing.
There are many type of lesson instructed by coaches and dancers who performs in different genre or locations.
We teach Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Jazz Dance, and other dance techniques.

And we also educate student on how to perform on stage as well. Our studio is a place where you can encounter great things and build relationships with anyone, in a fun and relax.

A floor that will minimize the risk of damage on your back or legs
The Studio is about 100 square meters. Rental is available.

Studio Aria is a place where dancers can enjoy dancing, and we applied a floor that could minimize a damage on your legs or feet. High Ceiling are designed suited to lift with ease. The studio is the same size as the actual rectangular stage, which equipped wide mirror with barre, piano, and audio facilities.
Our soundproof studio is ready for extensive rehearsal time with many dancers. It is also suited to rehearsal for duets, and pas de deux.
Rental Studio is available from 1 hour. This studio can be used for ballet, dance, piano practice, band rehearsal, Japanese Taiko, gospel and chorus practice, and circle practice, without worrying about any sound leaks. Please contact us for detail with the number of people, date and time.

▼Floor size: appx 100㎡, 13.5m×7.4m Ceiling: 3.5m